The ACM Filtration Difference

Protection by Filtration
Efficient fuel filtration should achieve an ISO Code of 12/9/6 or better. Machine users and OEMs demand application-specific filter systems and elements with the highest possible contamination retention capacities, coupled with compact dimensions, compatibility of the elements with biodiesel fuels, and environmentally-friendly disposal.

Protection by Dewatering
Consumers with large tanks which are only seldom used and in which the diesel is stored for a long time (emergency diesel generators) are particularly prone to heavy deposits of particle contamination on the tank floor as well as elevated water content in the tank (due to condensation).
Furthermore, free water remaining in the tank over a long period of time gives rise to diesel bug (formation of micro-organisms such as types of bacteria, fungi, etc.) which can also clog the filter and diesel fuel system(s). For these reasons, water must be removed efficiently in a single-pass from the fuel to ensure that the water content is below 200 ppm water content. SAE J1488 Certified.